Steve’s Pick of the Week: The Infernals #3

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I’m finding myself more and more interested in indie and creator owned comics, with the scope of many super hero stories feeling very limited with little at stake. Very few real chances are taken and you pretty much know what to expect going in. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it can be comforting knowing what will happen and good will prevail.

With The Infernals, I definitely don’t know that good will prevail. I don’t even know if I want good to prevail because I’m enjoying the bad guys so much. If you aren’t familiar with this title, it’s basically Succession from Hell. No, really. The son of Satan who lives on Earth is about to die and he has to choose someone to take the reigns when he’s gone. As you can expect, chaos ensues.

The artwork is one of my favorite aspects on this book, it’s just fantastic. It has a haunting, painted look and the colors pop off the page. The lettering also shines, and how often does lettering really impress you?

If you’ve listened to the podcast at all, you’ve probably heard me talk about me being picky about humor. Not only comics but in general. The humor in this series is dark, droll and dry. It pops in, drops a laugh then leaves. It doesn’t outlast it’s welcome. It’s just enough to remind you that it’s there.

The family dynamics are my favorite part of the book, but that’s not all we have going on here. We also have other factions from Hell vying for power and of course the forces of Heaven have their own ideas. Speaking of the forces of Heaven, they aren’t at all what I expected them to be. There are a lot of storylines going on but it doesn’t feel like a lot. It flows seamlessly.

I love this book. It’s one of my favorites on the shelves today and if anything I mention here or in the podcast interests you, give it a go. Let’s just hope it doesn’t fall apart halfway through like the TV show Succession did.

The Infernals can be found here on the Image website

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