The Seven Prophecies Return

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Well, it’s been a while. I may have been absent from the blog for a few months, but – behind the scenes – The Seven Prophecies adventure continues. 

As you might remember from my last post, the Dice Chewing adventurers set out on their first full campaign late last year. After a long break over Christmas and New Year, we got back into the swing of things a few weeks ago – with druid Ulv (who spends most of his time in Polar Bear form) joining the team as a permanent party member, along with newcomer paladin Nibbs. As the intrepid group venture forward on their quest, we will be bringing you monthly updates on their successes, failures, and mishaps.

Previously, the party battled zombies and giant snakes in the supposedly sleepy village of Liscough. This, following their discovery of a mysterious number seven carved into the town fountain and the dead body of a research scientist who appeared to be investigating something sinister. After defeating the evils that lurked below the ground, brave bard Felstrum was left cursed by the demonic bite of the snake and in urgent need of a cure. 

So, what happened next?

The Seven Prophecies continues…

Following their victory in Liscough, the party travelled to Jungbruk – one of the three great cities. A hub of industry, Jungbruk is famed for its craftsmanship and invention, home to the Ashen Library, its renowned university and hospital and – of course – Timothee’s famous bakery. Heading for the hospital, the party sought out the assistance of Dr Livitt, the only physician nearby with the skills to treat the afflicted bard.

The doctor’s cure confirmed he could save Felstrum’s life, however the cost was high. With the bard already plagued by hideous nightmares of hellish landscapes and monstrous creatures, the party found themselves in a ticking-clock situation. In need of funds for the cure, they set out to complete some quests that would help them raise the required gold.

Accompanied by their new friend, Nibbs the navigationally-challenged goblin, the party accepted a quest escorting a wagonload of timber, imbued with magical elements, from the forest road into the city. There was much celebration as the party was reunited with an old friend, Ulv the druid, in the forest. Their joy was, however, cut short as bandits attacked and a battle ensued. Despite many casualties, the party overcame their attackers, earning themselves a significant reward. Though not before a cursed amulet saw certain party members turn on each other for a brief time.

After destroying the amulet, the party collected their loot and returned to the city to undertake their next quest for coins. This saw them head for the shady part of the city, where miscreants and ne’er-do-wells abide. The party made for Omi’s bathhouse, where a mysterious being had been attacking and killing patrons. After some investigation and laying in wait amongst the clouds of steam, the party became embroiled in a fight to the death with a vampire spawn.

During the battle, Felstrum was bitten by the beast (this seems to be the beginning of a habit), falling lifeless to the floor. Thankfully, his companions revived their friend and eventually vanquished their foe. After collecting the rewards for their quests, the party had accomplished their goal of raising enough funds to return to Dr Livitt. 

While receiving his cure, Felstrum embarked upon a dream walk through the nightmare realm, meeting several strange and terrifying creatures while his companions did what all good adventuring parties do with one man down – went to the pub. Newly restored and feeling healthier than he had in weeks, Felstrum returned to the group and they went in search of Hallet, research partner to the murdered halfling they discovered in Liscough. After relaying to the wizard all they had seen over the past weeks, Hallet revealed what he had been researching. 

Seven Prophecies foretell the coming of a demon lord, who will rise to reek chaos and destruction in the world, bringing forth a battle between the demons of the hell realms and the creatures of the nightmare realm. This is where we left our adventurers and where our story will continue in the next session.

Will Felstrum stop letting things bite him? Is there a tavern in town that Ulv hasn’t been to? Will Nibbs ever roll a decent survival check? And how good does Cheeky Edge look in that new hat? (The answer is very).

Next time on Dice Chewing, the first of our character interviews. We speak to Ulv about his time with the party so far and his theories on what might be coming next!  

Until then, may your rolls be high!

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