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Holly Tinsley

Holly Tinsley (also known as HL Tinsley and frequently referred to as ‘oi you, get out of the way’) is a UK author with a passion for all things dark and fantasy. The first two books in her Vanguard grimdark gaslamp fantasy series are available on Amazon. When she’s not busy putting words in the correct order, she spends her time playing Dungeons and Dragons and tripping over her perpetually confused rescue dog.

We Men of Ash and Shadow (Amazon UK)

We Men of Ash and Shadow (Amazon US)

The Fantasy Thinker (Jarrod)

Jarrod is a veteran of the U.S. Airforce. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Massachusetts/Lowell with a dual concentration degree in Liberal Arts for English and History and was inducted into the National Honor Society for Continuing Education Students. He has self published short stories and had stories published by Cornerstone Book Publishers for Airship 27 productions. Secret Agent X Volumes 3 and 4 are available on Amazon. He has also written and directed short films and one feature film for Mindbeside Studios and wrote comic book reviews for his local comic book store. After a long creative hiatus, he is back in the saddle creating content for the you tube channel, The Fantasy Thinker, as well as writing for this blog site on Page Chewing.com. He does all this stuff while holding down a job as the Quality Director for a metal finishing company because it is some serious fun.

The Fantasy Thinker on YouTube

Tim Hardie

UK author Tim Hardie grew up living in a house where every available wall was given over to
bookshelves. During the 1980s he discovered fantasy writers like JRR Tolkien, Michael
Moorcock, Ursula Le Guin, Alan Garner, Stephen Donaldson and Susan Cooper. Those
stories led him into the science fiction worlds created by Frank Herbert, Philip K Dick, Arthur
C Clarke and HP Lovecraft.
Tim has joined Page Chewing as a reviewer to spread the word about good books and help
readers choose their next novel. He writes epic fantasy that will appeal to fans of Joe
Abercrombie, John Gwynne and Robin Hobb.

Tim can be found on his website here

Book Links:

A Quiet Vengence

Hall of Bones

Sundred Souls

Lost Gods


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