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Where do I go from here?

By this time in my life I’ve had my toe dipped in almost every creative pool out there. I’ve never dived in though. Never submersed myself. Never went under.

I am a naturally shy person, quite the introvert really. Autism runs through my family and I’ve always wondered if I had a touch of it. Not enough to diagnose or anything, but a sort of lingering effect of environmentally distorted DNA from my own ancestors. I avoid verbal conflict. It really stresses me out and I tend to “shut down” to the point where it may look like I’m ignoring the problem and my eyes can tear up with pure emotion. This can sometimes get in the way of productive debate. I don’t like debate. I could never be a politician. Networking is a foreign word to my psyche.

              All that aside, I am a creative person at heart and always feel the need to do something along those lines. These days, that has taken the form of being a “book tuber”. In the past I’ve been a student studying literature, history, and critical analysis. I’ve continually and always will be a dungeon master for Dungeons & Dragons. I’ve been a writer, filmmaker, and comic book reviewer. Now I’m a “book tuber” and maybe, a blogger.

              None of that has been my career. My career has been in water and waste water treatment, which led to metal finishing chemist, which led to quality control in the metal finishing industry. All the creative endeavors I pursued have been merely just dipping my toe in the pool.

              I realize that fear of jumping in the deep end has probably kept me from pursuing a career in one of these creative endeavors I’ve mentioned. There were always the justifications of financial concerns, family concerns, fear of failure, and just plain common sense that got in the path of jumping in. Real and binding obstacles that are very difficult to overcome for anyone. I’ve seen plenty of others who’ve made the same choices and I completely understand and know that they, and I, have absolutely no regrets.

            I am very interested in the creative process and journey that people use to create art of any kind. I hope to use this blog to detail some of the processes I’ve gone through and the mistakes I’ve made along the way so that you, the reader, can learn from this process and be a better artist. I also hope to get more familiar with the idea of reaching out to other creative types. Not to network per se, but just to make some friends who share my passion for reading and other artistic endeavors.

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