Steve’s Pick of the Week: Bear Pirate Viking Queen #1

I always try to keep my mind open when choosing my books for the week. There are so many gems I’m sure I’ve missed just because I didn’t take a chance on something that didn’t grab my attention sitting on the shelf. I picked this issue up and flipped through the pages and I was hooked by the artwork. I’m so glad I did.

In this first issue we follow a pirate and a bear. It’s a 72 page first issue so it’s basically the first two issues in one. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous. The watercolor art is breathtaking and drew me in immediately. Thankfully the story is equally as wonderful. Too often we have one or the other, but when both the art and story compliment each other it’s magical.

The issue starts off with a pirate and explores what would motivate someone to become a pirate. What makes them tick? What are their goals and ambitions? Why is there a bear on the ship? What is it like sailing through a lawless, open and dark ocean full of danger?

It also explores themes such as the rise and fall of civilizations, governments, naval warfare and strategies. The book takes itself seriously but it also had a couple of humorous moments that made me laugh out loud. The first issue covers a lot of ground and just as we get comfortable with the swashbuckling pirate life we switch gears to… a viking. I know it sounds jarring, but it flows seamlessly and sets the stage for what will be a very different second issue.

I’m so glad I took a chance on this book, it’s gorgeous and I loved the storytelling. I can’t wait for this collection to sit on my shelf so I can stare at it any time. In a week full of fantastic books, it had to be a really great book to be named the pick this week and definitely one you should give a chance.

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