Day 3:

You may have noticed in my last post that I had an extremely eventful day 2 at the ICFA conference. That, and the fact I never really got over my jet lag, led to a very late rising morning. I had planned on attending an 8:30am seminar on cinematic monstrosities that looked promising. Yeah, I didn’t get up until 10:30. I really needed the extra sleep. I took my time getting ready. I had nothing planned until 2:30pm so I used the time to get some reading done. I found an isolated spot on an outdoor porch that overlooked a lake with some gators in it. The weather was perfect, and I had a good hour of relaxing reading time before heading over to where A.P. said he hangs to join him there.

After some relaxed conversation with A.P., I left his company to attend a seminar on “Creating Meaningful Words” with moderator and panelist Stephen R. Donaldson. The other panelists were Ray Nayler, Jose Pablo Iriarte, and Cat Rambo. I cannot remember anything said other than I nodded my head a lot and was probably smiling. I didn’t even realize the room was jam packed with people, all seats taken, and walls lined with standing attendees. I really wish I took notes because I’m quite sure the knowledge and information pouring from the spout of talent assembled was, well, noteworthy. On the way out of the crowded room I saw someone I recognized whom I was introduced to earlier. His name is Matt and he is a professor out of Delaware (I think). I greeted him and started speaking about the panel. Then, this guy named Steven Erikson interrupted our conversation (again, see last post), except this time he was talking to me. He inquired about my book tube channel and was interested in the fact that I had spotlighted his Rejoice novel on it. On the inside, I was thrilled to speak to him, really geeking out. On the outside, I hoped I played it cool. I’m not a natural conversationalist, so coming up with topics to speak about without just babbling nonsense about Malazan isn’t easy for me. I managed to tell him I’m a big fan before we had to usher ourselves out of the room, but we promised to speak later.

Still feeling tired, and unable to figure out just what to attend next, I opted for an early dinner and a beer at the bar. They serve a great burger. Beer in hand, I headed outside to hang out and ran into Mr. Erikson, Mr. Esslemont and Professor Matt again. I asked if I could join them (very bold for me) and they politely let me. I really don’t remember what the conversation was, but after some time they mentioned going for a walk to a restaurant. They asked if I wanted to join, and I politely declined as I had just eaten and wasn’t feeling great. They said “okay” and went on their way.

I almost screamed. I could have killed myself right then and there. What was I thinking????? I just turned down a dinner invitation with my favorite author!!! How stupid am I???? But I really didn’t feel that well. I was bloated and full, and the beer made me sleepy. I needed some time to get myself together. Despondent, I went to my room, read for some time, complained to my wife about my own stupidity, and went to bed.

On to day 4…

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