My Heart is a Chainsaw by Stephen Graham Jones 

My Heart is a Chainsaw is a love letter to slasher movies. It reads like a slasher movie, there are a ton of references and call backs to slasher movies. While I’ve seen my share of slasher movies in my time, a lot of the references went way over my head. There were so many of them that it took me out of the story and just wasn’t interesting.

It is almost like showing up to a party that you meet up with a group of friends who are really close friends and you’re kind of the outsider. You’re friends, but the inside jokes and memories they like to talk about constantly didn’t involve you and you feel a little awkward. That was how I felt through much of this one.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some good moments. The characters are great, there are some surprises and it’s fun. Some great dry humor that I always enjoy, too. Nothing is wrong with the book, it’s just not a sub genre I enjoy. If you love slashers you’ll adore this book, unfortunately it’s not my thing.

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