Friday Conversation | Ep 114: Judith Starkston – Magic and History: A Journey into Historical Fantasy

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Join us for an enchanting exploration into the world of historical fantasy as we sit down with author Judith Starkston. From the mystical realms of the Bronze Age Hittite Empire to the complexities of weaving magic into historical narratives, Starkston shares her insights into crafting immersive stories that blend the fantastical with the historical.

In this episode, we delve into the intricacies of historical fantasy crafting, discussing Starkston’s meticulous research process and her quest for authenticity amidst magical elements. We uncover the thematic depth of her works, which serve as a mirror to contemporary issues, using history as a lens to examine power dynamics and societal structures.

Discover the secrets behind creating compelling characters who grapple with internal conflicts and evolve amidst the backdrop of ancient civilizations. Starkston sheds light on the delicate balance required to seamlessly integrate fantasy elements into historical fiction, steering clear of plot holes while maintaining narrative integrity.

Moreover, we delve into the profound influence of reading on writing, as Starkston shares how her eclectic literary tastes have shaped her own storytelling journey. From fantasy realms to historical epics, each page turned has contributed to her creative arsenal.

As our conversation unfolds, Starkston draws parallels between her experiences as a camp counselor and the lessons gleaned for both life and literature. Through resilience and adaptability, she navigates the challenges of crafting intricate narratives and forging connections with readers across time and space.

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