A Game of 300 pages


Three hundreds pages in and I love it


Still annotating. I have a few more green tabs because those indicate something that surprised or shocked me and there were a few things in these last 100 pages that needed to be made green.

favorite Quotes

“so it is true, the boy lives. I could scarce believe it. You Starks are hard to kill.”

-Tyrion Lannister

“he said his voice was honey poured over thunder… Pyp says his voice is piss poured over a fart.”

– Jon Snow

Things I’m mad about

  • People not being either bad or good. 🙂 I want them to be put in the category I put them in and then stay there!
  • Varys can’t have a nickname like “The Spider” and then do good things… no way… spiders are awful.
  • Littlefinger is a liar. That isn’t something I’m mad about except that I think Ned and Catelyn have both believed him about Tyrion and I think he’s lying.
  • The Lannister’s are pretty tricky about getting King Robert killed, BUT Robert is so freaking stupid that they don’t have to be too tricky about it. He’s going to end up being killed for something dumb. He annoys me so much!

other Thoughts

  • Tyrion makes me so confused because I think he’s good and bad all the time. I can’t ever land on one side or the other.
  • Same with The Hound. I thought he was awful, and maybe he still is, but I feel bad for his childhood and especially his horrible brother!
  • Arya continuing to train is amazing. I continue to love her no matter what.
  • I love Jon defending the new boy at the wall. Jon is my new favorite… and Bran… and Arya. 🙂
  • The king has a bastard that works with the blacksmith and for some reason, Jon Arryn (Catelyn’s bro-in-law and former Hand) came to talk to him before he died.
  • I clapped when Catelyn stood up and told everyone in that inn that Tyrion had tried to kill her 7 yr old son!
  • Sansa being so excited about the whole joust and tournament in general was shocking. All it took was a handsome guy and she was all about the blood and guts being everywhere. I thought maybe she was different, but as soon as little Prince Joffrey looked at her, she jumped up and followed.
  • I was pretty excited when Eddard and Robert got in a fight and I was like… finally, Ned just needs to leave his dumb tail!!
  • That fight scene with Catelyn and Tyrion was really well done. I really liked it.
  • Arya overhearing them talking about killing her dad was awesome, but of course he didn’t believe her. I wanted Ned to be better than that.

What’s next?

  • I’m predicting that the king’s other brother that we haven’t met yet… Stannis is with Catelyn’s sister and they ran after Catelyn’s sister’s husband (Also named Jon… really?!?) was killed. We know he was poisoned by someone, so hopefully we will find things out once Catelyn gets to her sister.
  • The king’s council has decided to kill Daenerys Targaryen. They know she’s pregnant and are worried about her having a son who might claim Robert’s throne. So, I’m sure she’s not going to die, but I wonder what’s going to come of this.
  • I’m also excited for Catelyn to get to her sister and find out what really happened to Jon (the dead one) and get some answers.
  • I haven’t forgotten about Eddard’s brother who went over the wall and hasn’t been seen since then. I’m sure he’s alive somewhere, so I’m keeping him in the back of my head.

I’ll see you after the next 100 pages!

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