Weekly Pulls Episode 7 | PotW: The Sacrificers #1

Before I talk about how much I loved this book, I think it’s worth mentioning that the previews for this book reveal something I’m glad I didn’t know going into it. If you’re like me and prefer to go into reads blind, I would suggest avoiding them.

When I saw Rick Remender wrote this book, it was an auto buy for me. While I don’t always enjoy Remenders work, I always appreciate it.

We’re introduced to a peaceful world without plagues or famine. But there’s a price to pay for that world to exist and sacrifices must be made. We get different perspectives, one from a family of birds with a heartbreaking family dynamic and another perspective of a family who may be pulling the strings.

This book had me invested from the first page.

The art is very dynamic and flows extremely well. So much of the story is conveyed with just the artwork. It’s allowed to breathe and conveys the story without a ton of text or diologue. You don’t see that too often, this book read like a movie. The layouts and panels were masterfully done.

The Sacrificers #1 is a perfect first issue. I couldn’t not make it my pick of the week with the way it pulled my heart strings. It’s not a book you’ll read and move on from, you’ll think about this one long after you read it. I’m very excited to see what happens next.

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