The novel The Wolf, by Leo Carew

The Wolf by Leo Carew

I’ve been writing detailed book reviews and posting them on Goodreads since 2020. As I prepared to independently publish my debut novel that same year I became increasingly aware of how rare it is for someone to leave a review, even if they really loved a particular book. Book recommendations are the lifeblood of every author, word of mouth the most powerful marketing tool there is. As a result, I’m a big believer in spreading the word on books I’ve enjoyed, so I’ll be catching up on my review ‘back catalogue’ in the coming months, giving these titles another chance to stand in the spotlight. Looking back at those early reviews, I have to admit they were a bit short! I’ll be expanding on them if I think that’s necessary as I go along.

That rather long introduction brings me to this excellent debut novel by Leo Carew, released in 2018. I really enjoyed reading The Wolf and the sequel now sits patiently waiting for me on my bookshelf. I hope to pick it up soon! I loved the way this novel was written in the style of an alternate history of ancient Britain, centring on a race of giants called the Anakim, who are at war with the human race. The world building aspects are detailed and believable, drawing you into the story, where the humans are portrayed as the aggressors in the conflict. The story combines the murky world of Anakim politics with some great battle scenes. The novel is a satisfying read, providing a enjoyable blend of intrigue and action, setting things up well for the rest of the Under The Northern Sky series.

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