The Seven Prophecies: The adventure so far…

Greetings game fans, it’s been a while. I do have an excuse though – it’s been all systems go to get The Anatomy of Fear Kickstarter rewards out to our backers. We’ve also set our date for the anthology’s general release, with preorders available now from the link below. The book lands on 16th November so make sure you order a copy early to get it on day one. OK, shameless plug over. 

Let’s talk RPG. 

As some of you may know, our Dice Chewing D&D group over on the Page Chewing forums has been picking up speed. After playing a few short stories to set the tone and establish the dynamics of our group (which does change from time to time), we recently set out on our first somewhat longer campaign.

There have been two sessions of The Seven Prophecies so far and the story is starting to take shape. The adventure began when our intrepid adventurers witnessed the spectral image of a mystical woman floating above a stone fountain in the middle of town. The ghostly encounter led them to the discovery that not all was well with the water, leading them below ground to investigate and culminating in a sewer battle with a mysterious band of zombies. However, it seemed staving off the undead was only the first of their problems. 

The zombies were guarding something. A giant demonic snake, trapped in a pit, that will be released when the water level reaches high enough. Could this have something to do with the ominous number seven carved into the town fountain? And who were the unknown scientists conducting experiments on the area’s water supply?

Our Dice Chewing games are open to anyone who would like to join in and have a go. You don’t have to commit to playing every session, and the sessions are suitable for total beginners. I’ll be posting updates on The Seven Prophecies and our group’s progress in further blog updates.

But first, I think it’s time we introduced our main cast rag-tag band of renegades.

Enter Felstrum, our resident bard and the beating heart of the group. Quick to motivate his comrades to action and always optimistic, Felstrum has a knack for communicating with animals. Something that has already proven handy on a few occasions. A half-elf with an inexhaustible supply of ‘somewhat’ inspirational quotes, Felstrum is accompanied by his pet red cardinal bird, Father Scarlet.

Next up is the smooth and stealthy Tabaxi, Cheeky Edge. A born acrobat, the black-furred feline rogue sees himself as the MacGyver of the team, using seemingly innocuous items to solve problems and disable their enemies Home Alone style. The master of the ball-bearing, Cheeky Edge’s ideas might not always go to plan, but when they do, it’s pretty spectacular. 

Every group needs a natural leader, and whether he wants the job or not, monk cleric Imtram is the level head our band needs. Quick to assess a situation, Imtram uses his intelligence and wisdom to help his companions avoid danger as much as possible. Does it always work? No, not really. But when trouble arrives, Imtram is ready to unleash his kung-fury-style wrath on any attackers. Deadly with a staff and dangerous with his bare hands, Imtram is the iron fist of the band.

Playing a supporting role to our main cast, new arrival Owain might not be around for every adventure, but he certainly makes a noise when he is. Quite literally. Clad head to toe in glimmering armour, Owain might not be the stealthiest member of the team, but he brings some much-needed muscle to the party. A human fighter, Owain is here for the guts and glory – and the free wine.  

With the adventure just getting started, what’s next for the band? I’ll let you know how our party fares, and if you feel like jumping online and joining us for a session, come and see us over on the Page Chewing Forums!

Don’t forget to preorder your copy of The Anatomy of Fear here:

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