Steve’s Pick of the Week: Little Black Book #2

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I’m a sucker for crime stories, so its no surprise that I love this series so far.

In just two issues it’s covered a lot of ground and we’ve received a lot of story, even with little dialogue. The art does a lot of the heavy lifting for the story but in a way that is very seamless.

After the events of issue #1, issue #2 starts off pretty much where you’d expect it to. We see the fallout from the decisions and events from the first issue. We learn more about the world and the other players in it and what they are capable of. It doesn’t take long to realize that Cole and his wife are very much out of their depth and in some serious trouble. It is a violent story as you’d probably gather from the cover and synopsis of the book, but it feels grounded and realistic.

What I didn’t expect is the last couple of pages, it’s going to take us places I didn’t expect but I say that in a good way. With only two issues to go I’m very excited to see where this story will take us. If you’re a fan of crime, neo-westerns or just good storytelling, give this series a read.

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