Pick of the Week: You’ve Been Cancelled #2

After hearing so much about You’ve Been Cancelled #2, I decided to grab issue #1 and catch up on the series. I’m really glad I did.

We follow Roland, who is really good at his job. What is his job? He’s a hunter on a streaming series called Cancelled. He hunts down people who have been cancelled and kills them as entertainment for the masses. It’s basically a Twitter (or… X?) version of Running Man except instead of being cancelled you’re murdered.

In issue #2 something goes terribly wrong and Roland becomes the hunted. Ratings go through the roof, so why would the corporate overlords do anything to stop it? The cause of what goes wrong isn’t at all what I was expecting and pretty damn hilarious.

Typically this type of artwork doesn’t work for me, but by the middle of issue 1 I was hooked. The layout works really well for action scenes especially, giving you a play by play of what is happening instead of a big splash page full of lots of people punching each other.

Where this book really shines is the humor. I had to set the book down more than once because I was laughing too hard. It’s a crude type of humor, which I thought was interesting considering the story is about people being cancelled.

You do have to wonder if something like this would be a reality some day, where will our thirst for violence and discourse end? Stories like this turn the mirror back on us and makes you wonder if something like this would ever be a possible outcome.

Find out more about You’ve Been Cancelled here on the Mad Cave Studios website

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