Pick of the week: Tales of Syzpense #1

In my quest to find new comics to follow, I’ve been picking up a few #1 issues trying to find a new series that I love. I found one in Tales of Syzpense #1

This is a new anthology series by Image comics, it’s not an easy format to pull off in this medium but I loved both stories. I love getting bite size stories in a comic book, the more stories the better.

Each story is 12 pages long, but feels like a full issue.

The first story is “Les Mort 13”. The artwork is surreal and haunting, it immediately grabbed my attention. It takes place on the island of Sourthport and features the goddess of strife. Is power really wasted on the young?

The second story is a huge change in tone and style with “Dreamweaver”. We follow an aging super hero who is past his prime and the result is both thought provoking and humorous. The young villains he faces now are much different than the villains he’s faced previously. I never really considered how different villains would be through different generations. They each have their own motivations and backgrounds, of course their goals will change over the years. While the artwork in “Les Mort 13” were surreal, the artwork in “Dreamweaver” is bright and vibrant, popping off the page.

With the two stories having such a dramatic change in style and tone it makes it easier to separate them and not get them confused through the next issues.

I loved this first issue and am on board with this series. If you’d like to check it out it can be found here on the Image website.

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