Pick of the Week: Swan Song #1

I had heard a bit of buzz around this new series written by W. Maxwell Prince and with art by Martin Simmonds, and for good reason. This series is about the end of stories, not the beginning. Each issue will focus on a different story ending and will feature different artists each week.

For issue #1 the theme is the end of the world, hell of a way to start off. Our main character is caring for his terminally ill mother in a hospital while a doomsday countdown slowly gets to 0 and the end of the world. He goes on a quest for a new magazine to read to his mother, venturing out into the crumbling world outside and braving the dangers to help give comfort to his mother before she dies or the clock hits 0. He isn’t out looking for a way to save the world, he’s on this quest to provide some comfort to his dying mother one last time.

While the book is about the end of the world, we focus on the characters. We aren’t inundated with all the details on why the world is ending, it’s not about that. It’s about what this character decides to do while his world and the rest of the world is about to end.

It’s rare that all aspects of a book work so seamlessly together from themes, writing, artwork, colors ect. but this is one of those instances. It all works together like an expertly orchestrated symphony.

You can find more info about Swan Songs here on the Image website

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