Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey

Usually when I watch the live adaptation I’ll avoid reading the books because it ruins the reading experience for me. I enjoyed The Expanse more than I thought I would have and after hearing that the books continue beyond where the series went, I decided to give the books a try.

There wasn’t a whole lot of surprises from the television series, but I do see Miller much differently now. I feel as though his character had a lot of time in the show but I didn’t understand his motivations nearly as well as I did after reading the book. He became my favorite character. The other characters are fine, but Miller was the most compelling of them all.

It’s a quick and easy read, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t bigger themes and ideas to chew on here. Within this story you start asking yourself what you would do in this situation and instead of thinking of right now thinking beyond into the future and what your choices could mean to everyone else. The world is very well established, especially for a space opera. I do think knowing so much about the world from the television series helped me have a grasp on the different factions but the book does a great job laying things out at a steady pace. It’s very focused on a certain set of characters and their journey, it doesn’t juggle as many story lines as the television series does right out of the gate. This is a great series to chat about, so I’m glad I’m on this journey with other readers.

Sometimes the humor had a little too much cheese in it and I found myself rolling my eyes but most of the time it lightened the tone. The villain in the story was much more terrifying in the books and I had a much better grasp on it and it’s backstory, too.

Sounds like a 5 star read, right? Well… there’s just something missing from this book that doesn’t push it over the edge into 5 star territory for me. The thing is I just can’t put my finger on what it is. It is just missing something.

I’m not huge into science fiction but this is a really great gateway drug for anyone wanting a science fiction story that is easy to follow.

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