Friday Conversation | EP 97: Navigating the World of Book Reviews w/ Mikes Book Reviews, Carl D. Albert, Chris Mohan, Jarrod & Varsha

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Ever wondered what goes into crafting a detailed, constructive book review, or how star ratings can be a double-edged sword in the literary world? Meet our guest, Mike from Mike’s Book Reviews, as we deep dive into the complex terrain of book reviews, and the puzzling phenomena of book series fandoms, from the Malazan devotees to the intriguing responses towards authors like Patrick Rothfuss and George R. R. Martin. Join our lively discourse as we traverse through the trials of reviewing, the power of positive feedback, and the impact of digital consumption on our relationship with books and media.

We’re also cracking open the covers on non-fiction and historical fiction, sharing our top picks and insights on how history often intertwines with fantasy narratives. From the trenches of our experiences with self-published authors to the juxtaposition of various fantasy series, we stir the pot on all things books. We’ll even let you peek behind the curtain into our interactions with authors, and share our strategies for combating reading burnout.

Of course, it isn’t all literary musings. As usual, we have some unexpected detours as we weigh in on our favorite New Kids on the Block members, play movie critics for DC and Marvel films, and even lay bare our views on the Star Wars franchise. This episode is a meandering journey through our shared love of books, dappled with candid thoughts, hearty laughs, and the occasional sharp critique. Whether you’re a keen reader scouting for your next page-turner, or an aspiring reviewer seeking insights on the craft, this conversation is bound to leave you with a few nuggets of wisdom.

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