Friday Conversation | EP 96: Exploring the Art and Impact of Prose in Storytelling w/ AP Canavan, Janny Wurts, Carl D. Albert, Susana Imaginário & Jarrod

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Ever wondered why some authors make you feel every heartbeat of their characters while others leave you cold? Or why you’re drawn to certain books, even if they flout every writing rule in the book? Unravel these mysteries and more in a captivating conversation about the art of prose. We’re joined by our eloquent guests – Susana Imaginário, Janny Wurts, AP Canavan, Jarrod, and Carl D Albert, as we dissect the power of exposition, description, dialogue, and other vital elements in storytelling. We discuss how these components shape our perception of characters, events, and even the world.

We explore a thought-provoking journey through the labyrinth of prose, from crafting a distinct voice to the importance of breaking writing rules in order to create a unique expression. You’ll discover the profound impact of culture and interpretation on prose, and the role of language and word choice in shaping narratives. Our guests also share insights from their personal experiences, providing fresh perspectives on writing rules, individuality in writing, and the power of language. We also pay homage to the legendary J.R.R. Tolkien, exploring the lasting impact of his use of prose on the fantasy genre.

The conversation doesn’t end there – we delve into a fascinating discussion on the influence of culture on prose, the potential pitfalls of linear thinking, and the significance of reading and analyzing literature. We also touch on how language shapes our perception of news, and how to effectively use tools and techniques in writing. We’re thrilled to share this journey with you and invite you to join our vibrant community on Tune in to this enlightening episode and experience a renewed appreciation for the power and beauty of prose in storytelling.

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