Friday Conversation | Ep 121: David Weill’s Journey from Medicine to Writing

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In this episode of The Page Chewing Friday Conversation, we sit down with David Weill, a former transplant doctor turned author, to explore his fascinating transition from the world of medicine to the realm of writing. Weill shares how his extensive medical experience inspired the characters and themes in his novel, offering a unique perspective on the interplay between life, work, and creativity.

Join us as Weill discusses the challenges of writing both a memoir and a novel, and how each form of writing has allowed him to reflect on his past and explore new dimensions of storytelling. He also provides insight into the evolving healthcare environment and the increasing pressures faced by medical professionals today.

Throughout our conversation, Weill emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and understanding the impact of professional expectations on personal relationships. Discover how his love for reading, greatly influenced by his mother, shaped his path to becoming a writer, and enjoy hearing about the surprising love story that adds an unexpected twist to his latest book.

Whether you’re interested in medicine, writing, or the human stories that connect us all, this episode is packed with inspiring and thought-provoking insights. Tune in for a deep dive into David Weill’s compelling journey from transplants to tales.

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