Friday Conversation | Ep 118: w/ Cera Lopez Lee & Layla Goushey – The Power of Cultural Lenses in Storytelling

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The conversation with Cara Lopez Lee and Layla Goushey explores the themes of multiculturalism, identity, trauma, and the power of storytelling. Cara discusses her upcoming novel, Candlelight Bridge, which is inspired by her Mexican Chinese grandmother’s stories and her own mixed-race heritage. She shares how she combined the backgrounds of her characters to create a compelling narrative and explores the cultural lenses through which they interact. The conversation also delves into the challenges of publishing a multicultural book and the need for more diverse voices in literature. Cara discusses her research trips to El Paso and China to ensure authenticity in her storytelling. She shares her personal journey of discovering her Chinese-Mexican heritage and the emotional impact it had on her. Cara also talks about the challenges of writing a sequel and the anticipation of releasing her deeply personal story to the world. The conversation touches on the importance of understanding history, the power of storytelling, and the complexities of human relationships.

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