Friday Conversation | Ep 117: Kirsten Weiss – Creating an Interactive Reading Experience

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In this conversation, Kirsten Weiss, a writer of mystery novels, discusses her journey as a writer and her latest book, ‘Legacy of the Witch.’ She talks about how her experiences working overseas influenced her storytelling and the inspiration she drew from folklore and the people she met. Kirsten also explains the concept of paranormal women’s fiction and how she combined it with mystery elements in her new book. She shares her thoughts on middle-aged women in literature and the importance of representing their experiences. Kirsten also discusses the rise of indie publishing and the challenges of standing out in a market flooded with AI-generated books. In this conversation, Kirsten Weiss discusses the challenges of the publishing industry and the pressure of writing follow-up books. She also shares her experiences with tarot and the incorporation of magic and subconscious themes in her work. Kirsten recounts a bizarre encounter with fortune tellers in Kyrgyzstan and her belief in the power of tarot. She also talks about her upcoming book, ‘Shadow of the Witch,’ and the interactive elements she includes for readers.

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