Friday Conversation | Ep 116: J.V. Hilliard – The Importance of Realism in Fantasy Novels

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J.V. Hilliard is an epic fantasy and dark fantasy author, known for his series called The Warminster Saga. He explores themes of struggle, redemption, unrequited love, and the hero’s journey in his work. He draws inspiration from comics like The Dark Knight Batman series and the realistic approach of Game of Thrones. Hilliard emphasizes the importance of realism in fantasy novels, where bad things can happen to good people and the scars of battle remain even after victory. He also discusses the challenges and opportunities in the publishing industry, highlighting the benefits of independent publishing and the need for industry reform. In this conversation, J.V. Hilliard discusses the challenges of getting published in the traditional industry and the rise of indie authors. He highlights the importance of finding the right publishing house and the camaraderie among indie authors. Hilliard also shares his experience of selling his intellectual property (IP) for video games and graphic novels, emphasizing the need to be involved in the creative process while allowing for changes in the adaptation. He talks about the influence of tabletop games on his storytelling and the value of game testing his stories. Hilliard also provides insights for aspiring authors, including the importance of vetting publishers and considering the indie route.

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