Friday Conversation | Ep 110 w/ Mike Trigg: The Potential Dangers and Benefits of AI AI as a Tool for Authors and Readers

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Mike Trigg, a former tech executive turned fiction author, discusses his transition from the tech industry to writing and the parallels he sees between the two. He shares his experiences in the tech industry and how they influenced his first book, which critiques Silicon Valley tech culture. Trigg also talks about the challenges of writing fiction and the importance of editing and getting feedback. He explores the impact of technology on modern life and the issues surrounding social media, data privacy, and misinformation. Trigg emphasizes the need for transparency and credibility in online information and the role of consumers in shaping the tech industry. The conversation explores the relationship between technology and human behavior, the impact of AI on society, and the potential dangers and benefits of AI-generated content. It also delves into the role of social media in shaping personal relationships and the challenges of finding a balance between affirmation and challenge. The discussion touches on the potential abuse of AI in areas such as online reviews and the importance of maintaining human connection and emotional resilience in relationships. In this conversation, Mike Trigg and Steve discuss the limitations of AI-generated novels and the importance of human connection in art and literature. They also explore the potential use of AI as a tool for authors and readers, as well as the challenges posed by deepfakes and misinformation. The conversation concludes with lighter topics, including favorite family recipes and albums that can be listened to repeatedly.

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