Dog Meat by Priscilla Bettis Review

For full transparency, I did receive a paperback copy of DOG MEAT from Priscilla Bettis, but I did also purchase another copy in paperback and Kindle to support the book.

I usually go into books not knowing anything when I can, which is what I did with DOG MEAT. I knew nothing about the story and it was quite a shock to the system as I went further into this tale. For those of you who come here for reviews that don’t give many details about the story, I’m not sure I can explain this one without getting into at least a little bit about what the story is about. Nothing spoilery, just what you’ll read in the synopsis.

DOG MEAT is based in a fictional country called The Colony where your lifetime profession is determined by a test that everyone takes. If you have a low score, you’re placed in a less desirable position and have no power to change it. If you refuse, you are placed in a hard labor camp.

Our main character has scored low on this placement test and his job is to slaughter dogs for food. Day in and day out, he kills dogs for a restaurant that serves dog dishes.

What I Liked:

For such a short book, this thing is packed full of character, world and emotion. The struggle of the main character and everyone around him weighs on you throughout.

DOG MEAT is very thought provoking. Priscilla Bettis is trying to draw attention to the practice of slaughtering dogs but I also considered the practice of slaughtering other animals, too.

This was a very challenging read for me, and one that will stick with me for a long time.

What I Didn’t Like:

It was very difficult to read at times.

Overall Thoughts:

Dog Meat is a book that will stick with you longer after you’ve read it. Not only because of the fact that dogs are being slaughtered for meat, but because of the world and characters. They will live with you long after you turn that last page. How Priscilla manages to pack so much into a small package and so many emotions is a feat. It not only brought awareness to me about the dog meat industry but it also made me ponder other meat industries and take a long look at my habits and preconceptions. What would slaughtering animals all day do to a person? How would that change you? What if you had no choice but to continue?

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