Book Review: The Servitor of Sin by Christopher G. Brenning

There are a select few authors on my must read list and Christopher G. Brenning is near the top. When he asked if I’d be willing to read his new novella early, I couldn’t say YES fast enough.

The Servitor of Sin is a prequel novella, so if you haven’t read The Hellborn King yet you’ll be fine reading this first.

It was so nice being back in this world, and the prologue is another banger even if it is 30% or so of the book I’m not complaining. We spend time with characters from the series and see how they became what they are in later books.

One thing that stood out to me in this one is how in times of war more monsters are created. One side of a conflict has a victory, but they produce new enemies in the survivors of the other side who get caught in the middle. The back and fourth can go on for lifetimes, the scars run deep. The monsters that are created by a violent victory and the retribution that is carried out after can become even worse than what happened before, with the conflict escalating in what seems forever.

Christopher G. Brenning is a fantastic storyteller and is building a world that I loved revisiting even if it was a novella. The books read like a movie with fantastic combat scenes that capture the feeling of the battle more than the physical action taking place.

The last 15% or so of this book was absolutely heartbreaking and brutal. A great way to end the novella and keep fans like me happy for a little longer while we wait patiently for book 3 of the series.

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