A Game of 100 pages


My first problem is how to pronounce all of the names. I mean, I like that we have easy names like Jon, Robert, or Bran, but then we have names like Daenerys, Illyrio, Viserys, and Baratheon. I am immersion reading this one, so the narrator on audio is tell me how to pronounce them. That’s makes it so much better because I 100% would’ve skimmed those names and pronounced them in the weirdest way.


You can see in the picture below that I am annotating this thing to death. I’m mostly doing it to keep up with who is talking in each chapter, and to mark significant things that jump out at me.

favorite moments

  • I love the map at the beginning of my physical copy. I like following them as they move around the map.
  • The Starks finding the direwolf pups was adorable and I wanted illustrations of these. (I almost googled what they looked like in the TV series, but I was afraid of spoilers).
  • I now understand what Winter is Coming means!! I’m finally part of pop culture (only 12 years later than everyone) 🙂
  • Tyrion Lannister is funny and I finally now who he is too. I might actually like him… a little… I’m leary!

Least favorites

  • I full-on hate Jaime Lannister… like despise him. So much.

shocking moments

  • It is just a normal thing in House Targaryen for brothers and sisters to marry and have children? What in the actual hell?
  • Nevermind, the Lannister siblings are kissing as well, so maybe it’s just something that happens in this world… it’s still nasty.
  • BRAN!! OH NO!!
  • The Dothraki have the weirdest wedding ceremonies, but hey… at least he didn’t marry his sister!

Things I think I need to remember going forward

  • King Robert was in love with Ned’s sister (and maybe still is)
  • Ned Stark is my favorite adult so far. Actually, most of the Stark children are my favorites too, including Jon
  • Ned has taken his daughters with the king
  • Jon has gone to “the wall” with his uncle Ben and Tyrion
  • Poor Bran hasn’t really woken up yet, so I don’t know what’s going to happen with that.
  • Jon gave Arya a sword and she named is Needle

I’ll see you after the next 100 pages!

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