Weekly Pulls Episode 9 | PotW: Klik Klik Boom #3

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After hearing some glowing reviews for Klik Klik Boom #3 I decided to give the series a go. I’m a sucker for revenge tales and I didn’t mind picking up the first three issues to catch up.

In this series we follow Sprout who either can’t speak or chooses not to speak. She communicates with other characters (and the reader) with Polaroid pictures. Sprout quickly became a favorite character of mine, with so many fantastic moments that included humor, action and some very heartfelt moments.

We learn about her and why she’s out for revenge with current events and quick flashbacks with her grandfather. Those flashbacks really pushed this one over the edge for me to name it my pick of the week.

The artwork is fantastic, it’s a feast for the eyes. Very vibrant and eye catching.

The book also touches on other themes like PTSD while having so many great moments that include action, humor but also tugging on your heartstrings.

If you’re a fan of revenge tales, this is a must read.

Find more about this book on the IMAGE COMICS website.

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