Pick of the Week – The Lonesome Hunters: The Wolf Child #1

This one was a surprise for me, especially with the other hyped books that dropped along with it. I didn’t hear a lot about this one but it drew me in on page one.

We follow several different characters and story lines, it almost felt like we jumped into the middle of the story instead of a #1 issue. We meet Howard and Lupe who are stranded in a small town, there’s a religious organization with their own goals, animals killing livestock, a sword with a secret, talking birds, a strange boy in a mask and more.

I loved the way the story starts to fill in as we progress through the first issue, lots of setup in this issue. Too much setup can be bad but there’s enough here that had me salivating for issue #2.

Howard and his family background is the one thing that interests me the most, and that’s saying something with all of the elements being setup.

The art style is muddied and dirty, fitting the vibe of the book very well.

This first issue hit on every cylinder for me, I’m along for the ride and have really high hopes for this series.

The Lonesome Hunter: Wolf Child #1 can be found here on the Dark Horse website

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